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This is really less a story and more a fascination with one graveyard in particular: Alger cemetery in Westpark, Ohio. I know there’s always juiced up stories about every cemetery, but this one is a little different. Throughout the years I’ve been told numerous stories from many people about their encounters with strange occurrences in this graveyard, ranging from statues changing their position (a statue of Adam was said to be pointing up, then another time said to be pointing east or west…doesn’t matter, I guess), an infant’s cry heard protruding from the crypt, shadows appearing on the wall, to a hooved, hooded figure on a floating horse (the last, told to me by someone who must have tripped 57% of his wit away, i tell merely to illustrate a point). As bizarre (and mostly just bullshit) these stories may be, I have run across several people who have had encounters in there and did not want to talk about it (such as the landscapers there, all big guys who were very evasive on the topic). I’ve also heard about an alleged cult that once went in there to practice, well, satanic worship, and that not too long ago some bones were dug up, some mumbo jumbo necronimicon rites were enforced and blah blah blah…GATES WERE OPENED. Indeed. Nonetheless, I have visited this place myself in the wee hours of the morning (it’s gated off now, thanks to the rat bastards who have desecrated this holy place by spray painting such ingenious things as “deez nuts” and “Ricky wuz here” on the crypt) and, after having been in several cemeteries, felt quite unnerved by what should otherwise be a small and peaceful cemetery. My question is this (take long enough to get to the point?): Do you or anyone else know of this cemetery’s history, or of any reported ghost sightings (or anything for that matter?). That place (and I don’t let the gossip get to me) scares the shit out of me. Thanks for your time.

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  1. My family discovered your site and thought it was to be entertaining. My wife and I appreciated your read and I look forward to viewing more from this blog soon. How do I subscribe to more stories that are published here on your blogsite?

  2. The cemetery was established by and is named after the first family to settle in the Lakewood part of Rockport township. They donated the initial section of land.

  3. My friends and I used to hang out a lot there when we were younger. We have encountered many unexplained things there. To this day I am uneasy even driving past it

  4. My older brother died at a few hours old and is buried on top of my grandfather in Alger cemetery. The stone does not show he's even buried tho

  5. I know I'm a bit late but my roommate claims he was walking my dog through here after dark. We live right by the park and he routinely walks his and my dog after dinner for exercise. My dog (Sawyer) was there with him and his dog was there. Anyway, he says he entered the cemetery and saw a guy walking towards him with a cigarette. It was dark he didn't see his face or even what race he could be. My roommate is a huge guy so he had no reason to be afraid and also the two dogs with him are pretty big. Sawyer is a pit bull/rottie mix and his dog is a Great Pyrenees. Combine that with a large man over 6 feet tall there's no need to feel creeped out if you are him. This is important to note because when the man got closer, Sawyer lunged at him like he was going to attack. My roommate got him under control, looked up about ten seconds after that (because that's how long it takes to control my dog) and the guy was gone. My roommate says he didn't see anyone running and from where he stood he says it wasn't very possible for the guy to get out of the cemetery without being seen and there really was no place for him to hide close enough that he could have gotten to in ten seconds. My dog doesn't do that to people. Ever. I walk him all the time. He either ignores people or is excited to see them. He's been pet by strangers on numerous occasions. This would be the only time he instantly decided to get vicious with a random stranger. I don't exactly believe in ghosts but this is odd enough for me I thought I'd share.

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