Abandoned Mental Hospital in Broadview Hts.

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I have been living on the west side for about 6 years now. I moved to Parma when I was in 8th grade and I just recently moved to North Royalton to my own place (Yay!). I was wondering why no one has ever written anything about the abandoned metal hospital in Broadview Hts. It is located on Broadview Rd., about 1 mile south out Rt 82, and unfortunately sits right next to the Broadview Hts. police station. I don’t know for SURE if this place is haunted but I do know some of my great but stupid friends went in there and said it is all kinds of screwed up. I am a practicing pagan at the moment and I can usually tell just by looking at something if it has a ugly past. I drove around the outside of it a couple times and something definitely went wrong in there. Anyway, it wasn’t closed down that long ago (may 20-30 years ago), but when it was closed down, it was out of the clear blue: no warning, no notice. One day it was there and open, the next it was abandoned. I’m just kind of curious I guess. People have been trying to get me to go in there with them but I won’t. I don’t want to bring anything home with me from that place. Also, it has signs all over the place saying “No Trespassing”, and considering it is right next to the police station, I would gather that you could get arrested for going in there. Although, I have heard from someone who went in there, that if the cops do see you go in, they WILL NOT follow you. And if you are in there for too long, they say screw it and leave. But if you could post this, that would be great; maybe someone that lives around there could give some more insight on that place. Thanks and great site.

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  1. I have some fun memories going into that place with friends. there was an open window that we just crawled into. some of the creepiest memories i have

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