Anyone know anything really spooky about North Royalton?

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I have lived in North Royalton my whole life. Its about 20-30 min from cleveland, but thats beside the point. I was just wondering if you have heard any creepy stories, myths, or legends about North Royalton. I have checked the sight many times, but i have never seen anything. I have heard stories about my woods, and have accounts of things in the woods on Royalwood Rd. but no one can truly confirm these events because its such a small area and not to many people who really care around here. So i was curious if you have heard of anything or know anything that could help me in my search of some creepy things in town. Its a boring city, but knowing something like that might help make it just that less boring. I love the websight, and its nice to see someone as enthused about the paranormal so close to home. Thank you,
Jason J.

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  1. I lived in hunters ridge off Royalton Rd. For 7 years as a teenager. This was 32 years ago. Where there were new houses built before was an abandoned home we would explore which was certainly haunted. They demolished it and built over it. When living in our house on lodge Dr. My sister and me learned later that we dreamed of native Americans. We left the area due to negativity. People were not nice. I felt that the city disturbed something like native Americans and homes should nit have been built. I now live in another part if the country.

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