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Webmaster note: in February, 2001 I received this email…

…me and a few of my friends were in helltown this past weekend and we decided to check out the “highway to hell”, so we walked down it, but nothing strange really happened. It was at night and we were walking down the road for some time when we finally came across the house in the woods that u guys say is supposed to be haunted or illuminated or whatever, but it wasn’t. i’m not sure however if it was the right house… i was past all the road closed signs, and far down the road, and it was white.. there were also footprints on the ground in front of the house… so someone else was there earlier, but ne ways, where does that road really lead too? and what do you suggest i do in order to encounter ghosts? also, i was in boston cemetery, and i didn’t even see a bench anywhere in there, and i heard there was a bench in which a ghost sits on. and are there really devil worshippers living in that town? what exactly is up with that place? I’m hearing all these different stories, but im not getting the whole picture…

Webmaster note: and in April, 2001 I received this one…

hey, i just got back from helltown tonight with a few friends of mine, and we went down the “highway to hell” and we got up to the point where the road dips up and back down and theres that road closed sign, so we turned around cuz we didnt wanna go all the way down cuz we didnt have ne flashlights, and all of a sudden when we were drivin back down the road a hearse passes us by goin down the road!! and it went down into the woods!! we were like what the hell, so we decided to get outta there and all of a sudden we get pulled over by the cops on the road… the cop took all 5 of our id’s and told us that it was illegal to be down here, and it wasnt even past the road closed sign, i was like why? hes like theres a lot of devil worshiping goin on and teenagers causing trouble down here, so you need to go, and don’t ever come back… it was strage tho, he didnt even come up to the drivers side window, he knocked on the passengers side, and made my one friend get out of the car…. i asked him if he saw the hearse and the cops said that he lives down there… i was like oookkk.. but this sucks tho cuz he took our names and we are not allowed to go back to helltown at night anymore… im pissed cuz i dont see what is so illegal about just driving around the town, i just thought id tell u cuz it seems like theyre startin to pull people over just for being there at night, i dunno why, but they are… somethings up but i dunno what, and that hearse was a lil strange….

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  1. Funny how time flies! I still remember those ghost hunts back in high school… still remember that night we saw that hearse drive past us down the road! Remember it like it was yesterday. My best scary “encounter” I experienced during our adventures back then I never posted about. Wish I would have!

    Cheers to this community!


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