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There’s a section of the bike path in Chardon, Ohio where the land slopes down to a swampy section on the right side. A friend told me that if you jump the fence and work your way down into the middle of the watery area, you’ll be able to see a clearing a ways off from the trail. I guess a few high local kids in high school found it one afternoon while they were exploring and now everyone knows about it. They said the clearing has a lot of trees around it and seems like its hedged off from the rest of the area. Everyone who goes into the clearing gets a real uncomfortable feeling like they are being watched. It’s become a popular dare to go there at night and spend 15 minutes there, after dark. I had a few friends who did it, but they didn’t stay the entire 15 minutes because the shadows their flashlights made in the trees began to creep them out. My friends said the shadows seemed to move a lot even when they weren’t moving the flashlight, so there may be a weird optical illusion or something.

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5 thoughts on “Unsettling Swamp Area

  1. I live on one of the streets that goes along that area of the bike path, it sounds like I know exactly were that clearing is. And if it is the land is owned by Pritt family on Ravenna rd. (if not there is another spot to get to this area). There is another trail on this plot that can take you right to were the railroad tracks use to run. It's pretty cool and there is some junk back there from a guy on Clark that has his land fenced off. I took a license plate from back there as a souvenir. But all that land back there is indeed creepy and haunted, we have heard voices and seen shadows as zoo as the sun would set..

  2. The bike path is indeed the old rail line. There are a lots of stories around town. A friend of mine has property next to the path, there used to be somewhat of a hobo jungle back there. My friend's dad used to snowmobile up and down the tracks when they were torn out in the 80's. He told us a story of hearing a woman scream from somewhere in the woods. We hike back there at night all the time, though, and have never seen/heard anything, just the occasional creepy feeling.

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