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I found your site almost by accident, and I hope you can help with some Cleveland history questions.
1)Old Sunny Acres TB hospital site. Was the TB hospital where Metro Health Skill Nursing Facility currently is? (Metro East stands on the same property as Tri-C east. SW corner of Harvard and Richmond Rds) I’m finding conflicting answers on line. Also, there is a building on the same property, that is currently abandonded. I was told that at one point this building was the nurses dorms for the old TB hospital. (This building in on the left side of the driveway coming in from Richmond Rd) Is that accurate??
Same area of Harvard Rd.. North West corner of Harvard and Richmond, there was a group of buildings (I understand they were demolished to make room for the Chagrin Highlands project)in the same area as where the Armed Forces Recruiting station is (and also immediatly across Harvard for the driveway to Tri-C) I’m getting conflicting stories on what these buildings were. Some have told me it was a work house for the county. Some have told me it was the County Hospital (forerunner to Metrohealth) and served the poor and psych patients. Which is accurate, and what was it called?
2)I grew up in Euclid, and there was a building on Euclid Ave. between E. 260th and Babbitt Rd, on the south side of Euclid Ave. (The property is now a nursing home/retirement community) I remember people saying it was a “funny farm” (their words, not mine) Is this where the old Ridgecliff Psych Hospital stood?
I appreciate any input you are able to give me.

Thank you in advance

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3 thoughts on “East side of Cleveland questions

  1. I remember that place well. We went there with friends acting big and bad but when we got in their we were scared like girls and ran shortly after. Ever man for themselves.

  2. I lived near Sunny Acres back in 1970. A boy I liked did landscaping there. It was never scary to me until I visited the area a couple years ago. There is part of the building still in use but I don't know what for. There were no signs…but the upstairs windows were open & the curtains were blowing. The area around was very overgrown. I got scared & left. Another hospital used to be down the road from this one…Highland View…which to me was pretty scary. I volunteered there…in those days..I was a candy striper. This hospital was either for the terminally ill or for at least long term patients…either way…creepy!!!!

  3. We used to go explore at Sunny Acres and Highland when we were teens. That place was huge and creepy. My favorite part was the underground tunnels that connected the buildings. I remember walking thru the tb ward and all the chairs in the rooms were turned facing out the windows. Lots of good memories and many hours spent adventuring in those buildings. I was so sad when they finally tore it down.

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