A friend of mine allowed me to post these two photos of her son’s kindergarten graduation party this past spring. She wants to know what you think that white, tornado-looking thing is near the door.

She attests that there was nothing like that in the room at the time and she has seen similar phenomena is other photos. I’m trying to convince her to send me the other photos, too…

Her explanation:

It was in like 5 other pics […] at different angles…He’s had them in tons of pics since he was a baby. His aunt and I think it’s his paternal grandma who passed a month before I met his dad…

Well, what do you think?

*Obviously, I masked the identities of the other kids.

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9 thoughts on “What *is* that?

  1. It's a stain or flaw in the finish of some type on the door brought out by the flash. It is in the exact position in both photographs. There are no demons or ghosts, America. Stop being Flintstones in a Jetsons world.

  2. Well that would be the most translucent plastic bag in existence. I agree that it does see to be almost "attached" to the door frame. And it is in the extact same shape, i'd like to see some others…

  3. Interesting object. In the first pic, it looks like the object is behind his hat, but the second pic it looks like the line of kids moved to their left and the object is still in the same spot (in reference to the red/yellow trim around the doors and the thermostat on the wall).

  4. I think it's glare from the door (it looks rather smooth) I had something similar happen from a shiny surface before 🙂

  5. It's easy what that to see what that is. A reflection from the camera flash. I also notice there is a stainless steel drinking fountain next to the door just below the anomaly. It easily can be a broken up reflection if there is residual water (even droplets of water) sitting in the basin of the drinking fountain catching camera flashes.

  6. It is the flash projecting off the glass/plastic framing from the Basketball photo on the wall. It's directly across from it, and it never moves.

  7. It's definitely a reflection of light, my guess is from those balloons or the Cavalier's picture frame. There appears to be a similar, faint glare on the picture as well. Almost looks like a face on the picture frame, but the white thing on the door is identical in both pictures even though they're taken at different angles, so my guess would be that it's some type of light reflection from the glass on the picture frame on the wall since that stays still. Balloons seem to always be rotating or moving, but the white thing on the door appears to also be the same shape as the one square balloon. Maybe the lighting from the ceiling. But that doesn't explain it in the other pictures you say it's in.. I'd like to see the others that you said you've taken with the same white "hazy light" in them. I hope this helps! 🙂

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