Yes, Cleveland – it’s that time of year again! The weather’s getting chilly, the Halloween displays are in full bloom at Marc’s and Walmart and the Browns are making me cry. I wanted to take the time to put up a post encouraging everyone to follow Creepy Cleveland on Facebook and Twitter. I use the Facebook account to post links and tidbits and other things that might not be strictly Cleveland related – but interesting nonetheless. I’d also love to get some fan submissions. Got a cool Halloween costume planned? Do you decorate your yard? Which haunted houses are you going to? Let me know!

The Twitter account is less interactive, but it does send out a tweet for every post I make here or on the Facebook page. So if you just want a short reminder when it’s time to check out new stuff – follow CreepyCleveland.

I’m also collecting old (and new) newspaper articles (as seen in the sidebar) that have to do with Cleveland haunts and legends. I hope I’m not stepping on any toes – I ALWAYS give credit to the original author and link back to the source, if available, but if I posted something of yours and you hate that – let me know – I’ll pull it down. On the other hand – if you have any articles you’d like to share – forward them along with the authors name and contact info. Cool?

Happy Haunting Season, Cleveland. I hope to hear from you soon.

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