On May 16th 2010, The Shadowseekers had the opportunity to do an investigation at Prospect Place in Trinway Ohio. This place was awesome, the architecture and the history alone are reasons enough to visit this place, the fact that it is haunted is just a lil added adventure. During our time there we had several personal experiences. We also had some intelligent activity as well, me and one of my investigators Chris Sustersic was doing an evp session in one of the rooms and we were asking yes and no questions and asking 1 knock for no and 2 knocks for yes. We were getting very distinct knocks in response to our questions. We also got some lighting movement in the ballroom and about 20 secs later you heard a man sigh as if he were bored, we do have this on video which we are working on getting posted. We had alot of movement in the barn where a bounty hunter was hung. In the basement another one of my investigators Richard Mccourt had an experience where the table in the center of the room moved a good foot, another investigator Jeff Downing heard the table move but he was in another room in the basement. When they tried to move the table on their own it was very heavy. Richard is a huge skeptic if it doesn’t hit him in the face he doesn’t believe it but that night he became a believer. During the course of the night we had camera problems and audio problems and even car problems when we went to leave the next morning, my car battery was completely dead. All in all this was an awesome location, and i would recommend to all paranormal groups if you get the chance to investigate Prospect Place, Do It!! It’s a lot of pics I know I wouldn’t think you would use them all.

Thank You
Tammie Mccourt – Founder of The Shadowseekers

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  1. The photos are well taken. I figured out how old that place was. I have always believed basements being more haunted. By the way, I have always wonder whether it is possible to live in a haunted place without getting rid of ghosts?

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