Charles Milsaps, owner of the Franklin Castle, founder of the Ohio City Preservation and Restoration Society, and proprietor of The Franklin Castle Club is now available for radio interviews. Contact Charles directly at the email below to get the latest news about the Franklin Castle restoration, the Network TV show about the Castle, and how the paranormal community will soon have the opportunity to do the first ever investigations of the Franklin Castle.

Press release to paranormal radio shows
The Castle has been off limits to most people for over 30 years. Find out the real story and the future of one of America’s Most Haunted Homes, first hand, as Charles Milsaps answers all your questions about the infamous Franklin Castle.
Charles will be available for phone interviews as well as on site, live remote interviews over the next 2 weeks. His time is limited and the interviews will be scheduled first call, first schedule. Contact Charles today. He will return calls in the order the are received.
Charles Milsaps
The Franklin Castle Club
Ohio City Preservation and Restoration Society
4308 Franklin Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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2 thoughts on “Franklin Castle Interviews

  1. When did Michelle Heimburger sell to Charles Milsaps? County records still show her as the actual owner of the property. (Jan 2011

  2. Milsaps never owned Franklin Castle. He is a conman who lived in the trailer house while Michelle owned it. Been a douche since high school.

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