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Contributed by Amanda

When I was about 5, my family moved into a house on Lauderdale in Lakewood. At the top of the stairs on the second floor is a large bedroom that was first mine, the my brother’s. As a small child, when I slept there, I would hear voices calling my name, usually very clearly in the room with me, and whispering. It sounded like my mother’s friend, Heather. This scared me when I was young, but after I got to be about 6, the voices were more distant. Instead of being afraid, I just thought my mother was calling me, constantly. My brother eventually moved into that room, and while I still thought my mom was calling me in my new room, the attic, my brother was now afraid to sleep, because he thought he heard Heather whispering to him. We had a dog who would absolutely not go into that room.
We eventually moved out, and the family that moved in has a little girl who goes to school with my cousin. They sold the house this summer, and the girl told my cousin it was because they heard voices in the room at the top of the stairs. Along those lines, I also believe my fiance’s house is haunted. Until recently he slept in a small corner bedroom, where he had trouble sleeping, and sometimes had to sleep with the lights on. He believes this entity to be female, because although he never saw her, she would touch him in what he could only describe as a (ahem) seductive manner. He discovered this only when he forced himself to lie still, after jumping up the first few times he was touched. I thought this was a bunch of hooey until a few weeks ago. We were sitting in his living room at about midnight when we suddenly heard heavy footsteps pacing the second floor. There was no one up there. It stopped, and I started to calm down when it started again, directly above us, then moved down the hall towards the corner bedroom. It was not regular winter-in-Cleveland boards creaking we heard. It was footsteps.

Finally, my question is this. Does anyone, including the webmaster, know how to locate websites where I can research the history of a particular house? I know they exist, but I’m having trouble finding any. If anyone has info to that effect, please [let me know]. I’ll be back to post whatever I find. Thanks!


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  1. Up until about the 1970's people used to die at home. the doctors would say there was nothing more they could do and tell there family to keep them comfortable……there was generally medicines(pain killers) given and nature took its course. I know this to be fact and have witnessed it.

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