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Doctor Crow owned quite a bit of land out in the Kirtland Chardon area, running (from my understanding) from his house at Shadybrook out to Wisner Road. Shadybrook is now the headquarters of the Lake County Historical Society. I was in the house before they took it over and it’s quite creepy. The Dr. Crow legend that I originally heard as a child had him having servants or people living on the property who had enchephalitis (water on the brain) or some similar condition and were called “Melonheads” by the locals. No account had him being a nice person. Several stories were told about devil worship or arcane practices and I do remember a room in Shadybrook with a big bay window and a window seat that looked more like an altar. I was very young and it was night, though, so I got out of there pretty quickly. My earliest “story memory” has him dying in a fire in his office, although I seem to remember coming across something a few years ago that didn’t jive with that. It’s been a while since I was messing around with that, so I can’t remember the source.
Anyone remember the chained house that was out near that area until a few years ago?

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