Hey! I got some Melon Heads info…

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Jay

Remember me? I sent you a story a while ago, about the Chagrin River. Anyway, I know lots about the Melon Heads myth. I guess that they are just here. I know the Dr. Crowe story is sorta true, but there are some facts missing. First of all, Dr. Crowe did exist, but he lived in the 1940s and was a dentist. There could have been another Dr. Crowe, though. Second, full moons have nothing to do with their nasty behavior. I know this from experiences with them, and from experiences that others have had. My first out of the three experiences that I have had with what I think were melon heads was on the East Branch of the Chagrin River. That story is here: Chagrin River. The second was at the same place, about two months ago. My brother and I were driving along Mitchell’s Mills, and I saw a quick flash out of the corner of my eye. I looked right, and saw something (It was very blurry, though) by a tree. I was so scared I screamed and my brother looked out of his window. ” What the hell was that?” he said, I guess he saw it too, because he turned around at the spring and we headed back up.

And I gave the wrong directions in Chagrin River. M. Mills is off of Mentor Road. Mentor road is off of Auburn. Man my directions were off. Hey I’m a kid what do you expect??? :-)!!!

Thanks Tons!!

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