Experiences in the Kirtland Chardon Area

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I found your site when I searching the internet for paranormal stories about the Kirtland/Chardon area. I wanted to relate this story that I heard from a friend about strange stuff that’s happened in that area.

A friend of a friend lives in a house where the backyard borders the tract of land between Kirtland Chardon and Mitchell Mills Road. From what he told me, a group of people were having a bonfire one night, when they were interrupted by a strange noise coming from the backwoods. They didn’t break up the party right away, but as the night went on and people left and things died down, a small group of remaining people decided to investigate.

From my friend’s description, it sounded like very large drums playing an off time kind of rhythm. They put out the bonfire and headed out into the woods to try and find the source of the noises, and they took a few guns with them just in case there were trespassers on the property. The noise sounded kind of far away, but his family owns a great deal of land behind the house, which was why they were concerned about someone being on their property.

Once they got a mile back into the treeline, the drumming stopped for a maybe thirty seconds or so, and then started again. After this point, the sounds would continue for a minute or two, fall off, and then start up again. My friend admitted that everybody was a little unsettled at this point, which is a given when you’re out in the woods late at night. Eventually they came through a clearing and into a small ravine area where the trees thinned out a bit. I guess at this point, everybody really started to get the shakes, although my friend’s description of what happened is kind of hard to understand. He said that everybody became real unsettled and the noise became more sporadic. At one point, it sounded like they were in front of the source of the sound, but after brief silence, it stopped and started from behind them. This threw everyone off a bit, so they decided to turn around and head back to figure out if their ears were playing tricks on them.

Once they headed back, it almost seemed like the sound shifted to the right of where they were standing. But when they started to move right to chase it, the noise cut off and didn’t start up again. They stayed out there for a few minutes to see if it would resume, but everybody in the group began to get really frightened. They all said that the quiet in the woods at that point seemed threatening and the dark open spaces in that clearing was messing with their heads. They went back pretty quickly and the sound didn’t come back that night.

My one friend has only heard the noise a few times since then, but he hasn’t gone to check it out. People have all kinds of vague stories about indian burial grounds and witches and whatnot in that area, but it seems pretty ridiculous. Still some people have had real experiences, and this one seemed pretty credible to me. Most of the other ones I’ve heard are about lights over the woods in the area.

Please comment if you or anyone else has had similar experiences!

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4 thoughts on “Experiences in the Kirtland Chardon Area

  1. NOTE: I tagged this post 'melonheads' because Kirtland/Chardon is the area from which I get the most Melonhead stories. It's interesting that this story has no mention of Melonheads, but instead a hint of Native American ghosts (with the drumming). Has anyone out near those parts heard of *that* legend?

  2. This post gave me the chills. Never heard of anyone having these kinds of experiences except for myself and the kids I grew up with on my street. We would all be up late and hear loud drumming from the woods surrounding our houses. Things would typically start well after midnight, and the few times we went to investigate we would hear the drums move, hear leaves rustling, and on one occasion whispers.The whispers were heard the last time we went out and were enough to make us stay away.

  3. I believe those drums are are just the inner pulse of that beautiful forest between Kirtland Chardon and Mitchell Mills Road. I also, grew up on Mitchell Mills Rd with a backyard that borders that tract of land..and I can tell you that its a magical and hauntingly beautiful expanse of forest

  4. If it was in a wooded area, it could have been some kind of bird. Pheasants or partridges make loud drumming sounds to attract mates.

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