Now onto the Melon Heads…

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Justin Vargo

The story as I have heard it is that Dr. Crow (possibly spelled Crowe, I have seen it both ways) was a doctor whom practiced medicine out of his house in the early to mid 1800’s. Anyway he had either been given these kids with mental problems or he had kidnapped some kids (again I have heard it both ways). He then ran experiments on these kids; injecting their brains with water. This caused the kids to become even more nuts and their heads to swell up like melons. Any way he kept them locked away in cages in a green barn next to his house. Now at this point the story gets a little fuzzy…either the barn burnt down in an accident and a few of the melon heads escaped, or the barn is still there (I have yet to visit the old crow house, so I don’t know if the barn is still standing or not. I am more inclined to believe it burned down) anyway, these melon heads still roam the area out near the Holden Arboredum ( Windsor Road from what I have been told). Supposedly they come out only at night and if it is a full moon they are extremely viscous and will attack any humans they see. However they have a hard time seeing. If you wear dark clothes blacks, reds, dark greens/blues You will be safe….but if you have on any bright colors or white, you are a prime target. Usually they just attack deer and other forest animals for their food, but on those rare full moon occasions they will attack and rip a human limb from limb if they find one. This is the story I have heard from numerous sources. I have gathered many stories from people who have been out there – and from just people who know the myth.

Webmaster Note: Justin also emailed a request:

…have a few quick questions that I’d like to ask you if possible:

  1. Do you know anything about the haunted school in Kirtland?
  2. How about the church with upside down crosses all over it?
  3. Do you know about the witches grave in the Mentor / Kirtland area?
  4. Can you please post a request on your site for me asking that if anyone has any info on these subjects especially the Melon Heads to e-mail me…..


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