From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Paul Intihar

At Wickliffe High School in the mid-60’s, we heard a different version of the Melon Heads story. Some kids were driving around one day and saw a melon head watching them from the side of a country road. They stopped and the melon head ran into the woods. They followed deep into the woods and came to an old farm house.

On the porch sat a middle-aged couple and several melon heads. The kids asked what was going on and the man explained that he had been a nuclear scientist during World War II. After the war he married but the exposure to radiation caused all of his children to be born as melon heads. The government gave him a lot of money to keep quiet and bought this secluded farm house where they could live out their lives away from prying eyes. He asked the kids to tell no one what they’d seen and never to return.

Someone told this story at a party in the Summer of 1964. Someone else thought they knew where the melon heads lived, so we all crammed into cars and headed out to find them. We got stopped by the police in Waite Hill. When they found out where we were going, they gave us a stern lecture that there were no such things as the melon heads and that we should tell all our friends that there were no melon heads. We were taken to the police station, where we had to call our parents to come and get us.

We all agreed that the police were so intense in trying to convince us that there were no melon heads that there had to be melon heads. If not, why were the police so upset that we were looking for them?

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