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Contributed by Miss S

Okay – I read all the Melon Heads stuff on your site. I thought this thing died out long ago… Anyway, I grew up on the street that the supposed Melon Heads live on. I am 29 now but when I was in high school it was a big deal to drive by and bother them and then everyone told horror stories about it. Well, newsflash – they are not Melon Heads. I used to babysit the kids and hang out at their “scary” house. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. Perhaps there is more than one Melon Head story in the Chagrin area?? No one mentioned the giant stone eagles that guarded the driveway of the house, which surprises me. The house used to be a stagecoach stop back in the old days as a stop between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The stone eagles had to be moved to Chardon I think. They were causing too much trouble for our neighbors. They were creepy.

Also, all the graffiti on the bridges that say ‘777’ and ‘God’ and ‘The Melonheads are Devils 666’ etc. was not mentioned either unless I missed it. Having said all that, I don’t know about this Dr. Crow person. That name is new to me. Perhaps he is a Melon Head but the others are not. How many stories on this are floating around?
I told my dad about this site and he is interested too. He said he will check into the Dr. Crow connection to see if he lived at the same house. I would still like to believe there are Melon Heads out there… its just not my former neighbors!

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