I’m finally going through all the stories I received and posted on the Old Creepy Cleveland site.

I’m going to start re-posting them here in the new format and tag them with the tag: archives. If the archived story had comments, I’ll just include them in the post itself. I’m removing email addresses though. If your story gets re-posted from the archive, and you want your contact information posted or updated – just let me know.

Hopefully this will make it easier to find some classic Creepy Cleveland stories and eventually save me some disk space by removing them from the old site.

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One thought on “From the Archives!

  1. Hello I Took A Visit To Hell Town Last Night And we went down a path… not very far we didnt see houses or buses or a cemetary but i did see painted arrows and such thought it was weird oh and could you see if theres information of strange unnatural lights along the path we saw many and decided to turn back

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