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Contributed by Jeff B

My name is Jeff B.and I used to live by the woods on Wisner Road near the Lundgren barn. When I was ten years old I had a brief encounter with a melon head. It was an early Autumn night around 10:00pm when I heard my dog bark and I ran outside to see what was going on. When I went outside to see what the commotion was all about I found my dog lying there bleeding. I looked towards the woods and saw what I believed to be a small figure with very pale skin and a large head. When the creature saw me it ran into the woods. I went out the next morning and followed the tracks but they stopped near a creek. I am now older and very skeptical about events like this but when I saw your web site I was not the only person who experienced something like this.

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One thought on “Melon Heads Encounter

  1. I know that guy. He used to be my best friend until he changed jobs. I was so sad when he left that I cried for days and days. I still get sad thinking about him being gone. I miss him. Why did he leave?

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