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I’m 20 years old and I’m very familiar with the Kirtland area due to riding horses out at the Holden Arboretum and having many close friends who live out there. I have been to where the melon heads “supposedly,” reside at, on Wisner Road. My friends have actually taken me there a couple times at night. The first time they took me there I got bad vibes because I’m one of those people that pick up on them. We were at the bottom of the driveway in the car and my friends said something about the duck tape and pentagram, having been there on a tree the time before, was now removed. I don’t like being somewhere, where there are signs of evil so, needless to say I got kinda freaked. My friend’s boyfriend said he’d drive up there if I wanted, but I said no .It had been a rainy day anyways, and the driveway leading up to the “melon heads,” was very muddy. We were not in a four-wheel drive vehicle at the time either. My friends also have talked about when you go up the driveway there are strange mounds on a path to the left of the driveway, almost like something is buried there. But, we were not about to go dig them up and find out. Though I never did get to see these mounds, since a a log was put there so you couldn’t drive down the path to get there.
Another weird tid- bit they told me was when they drove up to the house one night they saw candles from a distance in the form of what they thought to be a circle. There were cars parked in the driveway at the time with boxes on them. They dared one of my friends to get out and take the box. So he jumped out of the car and went to look what was in this box, what he found in it was a small cauldron. Sounds more like witchcraft or satanic rituals caring on up there instead of melon heads, if you ask me.
Another time, we went to the melon heads was on April Fool’s Day. Again, we couldn’t go up the driveway because a vehicle was sitting at the end of driveway facing into the direction of on coming traffic (plus right at the foot of the supposed melon heads’ driveway is a dead end so it wasn’t like he had to worry about moving out of the way for vehicles to get through). It was a truck and it flashed us twice with its headlights, meaning get out of here. We don’t know who was in the truck it could have been a ranger or someone assigned to watch the driveway since it was April Fool’s Day.
The last time I went up to the melon heads with my friends, they FINALLY got to take me up the driveway. As we drove up my friend’s boyfriend pointed to the left where the mounds were. As we got closer to the house we noticed the house was lit up on the inside. As we drew closer all the lights went off. But, that was all I saw.
My dad rides his horses up at the Holden Arboretum (and sometimes I’ll join him for the ride) and laughs at the legend of the melon heads. He says Holden Arboretum actually owns the house and an old man resides there. When you ride at the Holden there are actually paths near the house where the melon heads are said to live. My Dad thinks it is all a bunch of BS although he hasn’t really gone poking his nose around there to find out what lurks there. I have heard MANY different versions of the melon heads, including all the ones on your web page. As you’re driving on Wisner Road to get to the “melon heads’,” home, you must first cross a small bridge also known by thrill- seekers as “Cry- Baby Bridge. Legend has it that a orphanage used to be somewhere in the where- abouts near this bridge and burned down. It is said, if you (meaning by yourself) drive up onto the bridge at night and turn your car’s ignition off you can hear the sounds of small children crying.
Personally, what do I think about the melon heads? I highly doubt they exist, even though it would be cool if they did. Though, I don’t know what sicko would wish these little flesh eating men/ children running around attacking human beings as a source of food. That all just sounds a little too disturbing to me LOL. What I think is going on up there is some type of sick witchcraft or satanic crap, just by the things my friend’s have told me. Like I said I picked up on bad vibes going up there, evil stuff. That is all I there is to it. If you would like to go find out for yourself the house is on Wisner Road at the dead end point. There to your right, a driveway will be and it will swing up a large hill. I will caution you though, there are no trespassing signs, so if you do, don’t get caught.

Webmaster Note: Quicksilver also had a few tidbits about the alleged haunted church in Kirtland that Justin asked about a few posts earlier…

Now, for the church with upside down crosses. Yes, I have gone by it, again with the same friends. It was very creepy and eerie looking. The only info my friends had to give me on it was that it used to be a small school. The upside down crosses appear on the over- hang of the porch. I guess you would never really notice them unless someone pointed them out to you. I don’t really have an opinion on this because I don’t know much about it or its history, I’m going to try and dig up some more information on it in the mean time though. If I had to have an opinion on it now though, I would have to say some very foolish architect/ builder constructed this church/ school, what have you, and didn’t even notice that he put these upside down crosses there. If you are interested in seeing this place it is at the bottom of Booth Rd. and Rt. 615.
If anything though, I would suggest looking into the Lundgren Barn’s eerie past located on Rt. 6 almost directly across the street of Lake Farm Park. Jeffrey Lundgren (who is now on Death Row) was part of the Mormon church, until he broke off from it w/ a couple of followers leading them to believe he was a prophet of Jesus Christ. His followers, and him lived in an old farm house with a large red barn next to it. One of the families wished to with draw from the cult later on in time. I guess Mr. Lundgren wasn’t to thrilled with this and he killed the family (including the children) by shooting them. When he was shooting them he sent his son outside to run a chainsaw to cover up the gun shots. After killing the family they took the bodies and buried them in the barn floor since it was dirt. Of course he was caught and latered sentenced to death. My friend’s friend’s uncle owns the house now (did ya catch that part), last I knew anyways. But, I know the family has encountered some explained things in the barn.

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