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Contributed by Ben Dawg

my name is Ben, and i live in Hudsonville, michigan. i have heard about melon heads before, but i thought they were only around west michigan. anyway, i haven’t experienced them personally, but i have heard stories. first of all, hudsonville, is about 20 miles south west from grand rapids. now where the melonheads are located are in the county of allegan, more specifically the allegan woods. there are many stories about the allegan woods. the most serious, true, storie was a survivalist murdered someone and was living off the land in the allegan woods. this person has been on the fbi’s most wanted list and was seen twice on americas most wanted. the ku klux klan, satanists, other cult groups, and melonheads are to be found in the allegan woods. im not saying melonheads are 100 percent true, but there is for sure a possibility. if you go into the allegan woods, you will find some weird things. you can find weird carvings in trees, cats hung by nooses with their stomach’s ripped out, animal skulls in trees, and i saw first hand in the middle of the woods a pentagram made out of stones. anyway, on to the melonheads. the story of allegan goes something like this: there once was this kid with a giant head, everyone at school mocked him and called him melonhead [thus getting the name]. the parents were really weird and they ended up moving into the middle of the woods. for some reason they started to inbreed and therefore further screwing up their kids with the inbred genetics. they have a grudge against normal society, so they are violent towards people. i hear they make a loud, high pitched scream right before they attack. i have never seen a melon head, but i have heard stories of people driving down two-tracks and melonheads running out of the woods chaining off the trail with a chain. it is also a fact that a young virgin girl was sacrificed at a campground in the allegan woods, known as the horsemans campground, or silver creek. this is true because it was on the news about 10 years ago. they never found out who did it, but some believe it was melonheads, while most believe it was satanists. the melon head story in west michigan is dying fast, with only few still believing. i have also heard that a melonhead actually wrote a book about his existence and his life and why they do the things they do. i have yet to see the book or hear what the pages contain, but i hear that it was written. the hot spot for melon heads near one part of the allegan woods contains an abandon jail and an abandon insane asylum almost right next to each other. if these have anything to do with the melonheads, i wouldn’t know. also, one more thing before i end this long email. me and some friends went to horseman’s campground to camp at the place where the virgin was sacrificed. we didn’t see anything unusual, but we did end up talking to some locals. they said that by the insane asylum and jail, there were caves in the sides of the hill leading up into a trail into the woods. they said the caves were constructed in the 60’s due to the cold war. the locals also said that melonheads inhabited these caves for a period of time. i personally tried to find the caves, but didn’t find anything, although i did find this weird imprint in the ground. it was also said that the local government put brush over the cave entrances and sealed them up to block any civilians from trying to get inside them. well, thats about all i know about the melon heads in this area, im glad to hear that the legend lives somewhere else in the country. although the legend is fading fast, the few that still believe will carry it on for a while and hopefully someday bring it back.


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