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Contributed by Charlotte Szapowal

ah the old melon heads. i have lived in Chesterland for 13 years, and Chardon for 1 year, both are next to Kirtland. I have always believed in ghosts and paranormal. A good friend of mine has lived in Kirtland his whole life and always told us the different stories about ghosts and whatnot. I had never been to the “melonhead” house, so we decided to go one night. There was about five of us in the car and we went on our way to Wisner rd. We drove down the road and got to the end where the house is. It must have been about 11 or 12 at night. Sure enough, there were other kids there, so we didn’t get out because they were being stupid. we turned around at the end of the road and started talking to them. The kids started walking up to the house when off to the side of the road there was a horrible scream from a woman. my husband and i both heard it, but nobody else did. It was weird. Anyways, a car came down the road towards us and stopped off to the side of the ditch by the house. We thought it was the cops, so we started driving, and the car quickly turned around and left. We sped up to see who it was and the car literally vanished in mid air. However, i don’t think it had anything to do with the melon heads. I think it’s all in the whole spirit of Kirtland. From what i understand, the “melon head” house is someone’s summer home now. That is why you get in trouble for messing around there. My sister was there once during the day, and there were people there cleaning and what not. Anyways, maybe it’s true, but i have yet to see one myself. However, don’t go and ruin someone’s summer home if it is in fact that. Make sure you go there with an open mind and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything. Also, respect other’s property. It’s not yours so don’t go spray painting it and breaking things.

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