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I have tried many, many times to find these places in Kirtland that are haunted such as the melonhead house, witches grave, haunted church, etc. My friends and I saw cry baby bridge however and we sat on it for a few minutes in our cars but heard nothing. There’s stories though that say you have to walk there and actually sit there for a very long time in order to hear anything, so I don’t know. My friend’s uncle owns land by Penitentiary Glenn and when she was little her aunt and her were driving down kirtland/chardon road and she saw a melonhead walking along side of the road. She didn’t know about the melonheads at the time but her aunt said “look there’s a melonhead” and told her the story of it. She said it was really creepy b/c he looked pretty scary. We’ve tried several times to try and find the witches grave but no luck. Another of my friends, her neighbor knew where it was but we ended up sliding off the road in the snow and into a ditch. We were stranded on Kirtland/Chardon road in a ditch for 2 hours, needless to say we didn’t get to go to the witches grave.
I have a new story, however, that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet and that is of the woman who walks RT 306 by Kirtland/Chardon road. She walks by a cemetery on 306 and there’s a big white church next to it. My friend I work with was driving on 306(she lives in Kirtland) at like 2-2:30 in the morning and saw a woman with a hood up walking in that area and she didn’t think anything of it until she looked in her rear-view window as she passed her and saw that she had no legs!! She then recalled the story and was really freaked out.
If anyone has any additional information on these places I’ve mentioned I’d love to hear it and also if you have any questions you can e-mail me.

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