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Contributed by Mark

my name is mark. around early june 2002 my friend, and i were getting a little stoned and telling ghost stories. My one friend brought up the story of the melonheads out in kirtland. This was the first time I had ever heard the story, and i thought it was complete bullshit. But since we were already in Chagrin Falls, we decided to go and check it out anyway. We got to Wisner Rd. around 1 am and the entire road was really foggy, more than the other roads. So anyway, we stopped at “Crybaby’s Bridge” and waited to hear some cries. About three minutes went by with us sitting in the car with all the windows down and the engine off in the darkness. We didn’t hear any noises, but we all saw something that freaked us out much worse. I was in the car, looking out over the right side of the bridge when i saw a dim flash of reddish orange light. the first time i saw it i just ignored it, figuring it was some sort of water bouy (spell that right?). about 20 seconds later i saw it again only it had moved about 7 feet to the left in the darkness over the water. I told my friends what i just saw, thinking that i was just stoned, but they saw it too! We looked again and this time the light was moving onto the river’s left bank coming up towards the bridge! Needless to say we got the fuck outta there. You might be saying to yourself “why did they freak out over some lights?” Let me explain. while we were sitting on the bridge, it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop, so we would’ve heard it if there was some one wading through the water underneath the bridge holding a light up. There was no noise, just the dim flash of red lights.
A couple nights later, we returned to Wisner Rd. and the dead end with the bridge. My friend was driving and i was in the passenger seat and my other friend was in the back seat. We again parked on the bridge with the engine off listening or trying to see something again. My friend in the back was getting skeptical that there wasn’t anything out there, so jokingly he exited the car and began to take a piss over the bridge. After a few moments he jumped back in the car with a freaked out look on his face. We asked him what happened, and he said that as he started to piss, he heard a man’s voice from under the bridge say “grow up.” then he heard the sound of a second person pissing into the water when he was done! we waited in the car for about another minute until my friend who was driving peeled away. I asked him why did he leave and he said he 1st heard the sound of someone walking on the bridge behind his car, and it paused then he heard it again, only closer, the third time it was right behind his car but too dark to see if anyone was there. So i still think the whole melonhead stuff is a bunch of BS, but there is definately something creepy going on at the back of Wisner Rd. I would never go alone.

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