From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Jason

Hey, great site. I came across it tonight as I was searching for haunted spots in ohio. I saw your section on melon heads and thought to my self “Holy crap other people have seen things like that. I’m not crazy!” Several years ago, my mother had to attend a course for work in Cleveland. After her class we decided to go out and see the sites. Around 1 am we decided to head back to the hotel and drove through a lightly wooded area. Suddenly my mother slams on the breaks and I ask what was wrong. She said an animal was crossing the road. I look and this “thing” was shambling across the road. It had a big head, a human like body and it walked on two feet. My heart raced as I thought “What in the hell is this thing?” It’s good to know people besides me have seen these melon head things. Jason

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