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I know that the Melonheads seem to be a big draw to websites these days…but i still think that it is kind of irresponsible to keep getting kids excited over things that are and always have been urban legends. When i was a kid some 30 or more years ago, we all went looking for the melonheads too. But, these days most kids don’t seem to understand that private property is PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! It is fun to “believe” that there may really be ghosts,and i DO believe in them, “melonheads”, witch graves,houses, etc., but I stopped perpetuating these things for the Kirtland area after there was a serious incident that involved a resident,private property and kids looking for “melonheads”.

I won’t even begin to tell you how to run your website, and you are listed as a link on mine because i try to list local links…but, i wish you would at least mention that this is just an urban legend, and while it is a fun date night thing, it can get kids in deep trouble. So, if they want to go looking on the public byways , great, I am all for that, but i have totally stopped listing ANY stories i have gotten about melonheads. I am older now, and i have alot more respect for the poor people who have to put up with the kids, and Yes, i have a couple of my own, who probably wouldn’t believe me about the urban legend thing either…LOL. Thanks, Just my opinion…and i will totally respect yours.

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One thought on “Melon Head Warning

  1. it sound 2 me like u used to b an inconsierate teenager. and now these teens are bothering u. what goes around comes around

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