Directions to Witches Grave (Kirtland)

Awesome site… Love this stuff…. Quick question
Anyone know how to get to the Witches Grave in Kirtland? … Planning a night out to check out all the “haunted” sites in the area with some friends…
Any information would be great and if anyone feels that there is someplace that you think I should check out please let me know…

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3 thoughts on “Directions to Witches Grave (Kirtland)

  1. it is on hart rd. small road, cant miss the grave. it is right before an intersection or right after depending on your approach

  2. This one is easy. It's 5 min from my house. I have a geocache hidden there. Go to and look up "Her Ghost in the Fog" – you can get the way points for it. If you have a GPS, just plug them in and you'll be able to get to it.

  3. ive went there one other time and it was a bone chilling night….yes we decided to go at night and i thought it was going to be awesome but it turned out to be terrifying

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