Webmaster Note: I’ve been sitting on this contribution for a long time because Erich sent me so many pictures and I was unsure how to properly display them. While I still hope to give them a nice layout on a web page in the future I decided to put them up in my Google web album for everybody to enjoy. Sorry for the long delay, Erich… and thanks for the pics!!

I have been a fan of your site for some time, and I think I may finally have something to contribute !

I work with a production company in Cleveland which puts on large shows for customers. Lights, Stages, Sound, the whole production thing.

Anyways; last week we had a show inside the old Cleveland Grays Armory; undisputedly one of the cities oldest buildings, and widely thought to be haunted. Its located right next to the cities oldest graveyard, right in the center of town !

Somewhat sadly, the Grays Armory building has been rather un-restored for such a historical landmark, and ( while it is lovingly maintained by a committed group of volunteers ) , it’s really not in the best condition, and remains a somewhat forgotten city treasure. Its actually hidden in plain site behind the Cavaliers “Q” Arena, and the Indians Jacob Field. It has a large ballroom that now hosts events like amateur boxing, and the front part of the building is considered a museum. The back ( southern ) end is where bathrooms are located on the main floor, off of the “ballroom” , underneath, in the basement, is an active shooting range ( used by Cleveland police ) , and the upstairs is casually chained off , and considered “off-limits”.

I had the opportunity to travel about the southern end of the building, un-supervised, while I was searching for a chair to use during my program. I found a chair, but what I also saw was kind of unexpected, and somewhat surprising.

I’m attaching some of the photos I took that afternoon; I hope you find them interesting.

All the best,


P.S. The building is reported to be haunted, but I was very comfortable inside it, and our program went very well !

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