Boy have I got a Squire’s Castle story for you!

WEBMASTER NOTE: Melannie sent me a copy of the sound file. You can hear it yourself by checking out the link in the comments below the post.

Hi! Boy have I got a story for you! With proof! First I would like to say that I never got to surf the internet much til now. So, when I came across your site I got so excited I HAVE to tell you this story that happened in 1996! The TRUE story:

I’m 31 years old, and have lived in northeast Ohio my whole life. I practically grew up at Strawberry Lane, the duck pond with the animal building, and Squire’s Castle. We used to play hide and seek in the Castle millions of times my whole life. Well, one night, in 1996, my friend and I were driving around the area at between 9-10 at night and I decided to take him to Squire’s Castle and I told him that it was supposed to be haunted and so we were gonna go and see if it was true and maybe we’d catch a ghost. So we went to the store and bought flashlights and a tape recorder and blank tapes. We then went to the Castle and it early winter time, a warm night, hadn’t snowed yet for the season, but all the fall leaves were gone from the ground. We were very scared walking up that pitch black path even with the flashlights. As we neared the castle 3 or 4 people were leaving and walking toward the parking lot. They were talking loudly. And we went in the castle and there was no one else in there. We went into the Library (which at the time I didn’t know that, I didn’t find out that that room was a library til many years later. Back then there were no signs on the wall about the castle and the windows didn’t have bars on them.) and when we made sure we were totally alone, we heard the people talking out in the parking lot. I found a nook/cranny in the wall where it meets the floor (there are none nowadays in that room, they’re all sealed up with cement) and pressed record on the tape recorder and made sure it worked, and then put it in the nook with the microphone facing out. We checked to make sure that you really couldn’t see. Then we left. We were the only car in the parking lot when we were leaving, and we left for an hour and a half. Then we came back and retrieved the tape recorder. So, I have a tape recording. SCARY SHIT! I still have it today, and have played it for many friends of mine. Okay, now, things I gotta say about this tape: 1) After it was turned on, you can hear us talking about putting it somewhere. Then you can hear us putting it in the nook. Then you can hear us talking some more, then you can hear us walking away. There is a faint laugh in the beginning we think could possibly have been those people out in the parking lot when they were leaving, but we don’t remember for sure. Then all of a sudden a different tone of empty air starts and a repetitious clicking starts. Then you hear a low deep moan. 2) Then you hear what sounds like leaves rustling around on the floor (there were none). Then years later, when I found out that room was a library I realized that sound wasn’t leaves rustling, it must’ve been pages of a book!! 3) It was a tape that had 30 minutes length on a side (only used one side, of course, we weren’t there to flip it over to the other side) and we were gone for an hour and a half, and it was still on and recording when we came back to get it, and it was only about 5 minutes into recording of tape length!!! 4) You can hear us putting the tape recorder down, walking away to leave, we left for an hour and a half, and when we came back you can hear us walking in and picking up the tape recorder, and all on the first less than 5 minutes of tape!!! 5) There is no way anyone could’ve come after we left and messed with it because you can hear if people walk in or out, and you can hear when the tape recorder is being picked up and put down, and it was all just us, so no one messed with it. 6) You can also hear a scream that just suddenly cuts in and sounds otherwordly, and there are parts in it like it’s skipping at different speeds and there are other weird noises to that I can’t explain.

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4 thoughts on “Boy have I got a Squire’s Castle story for you!

  1. Hi, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Things have been going on. What I did was played the tape while holding my cell phone near the stereo speakers. I recorded the tape onto my cell phone and then sent it to my email. I recorded it as loudly as I could without it getting distorted. However, it still doesn't do the tape justice. I'm afraid that all the best parts of the tape just didn't come out
    clearly enough or loudly enough to be heard distinctly. Especially the "papers rustling" part. But, this is the best I could get a copy of the recording to you through internet.
    Let me know if the recording is too bad to hear anything decent. I don't know how else to get you a better copy except through regular mail. Have a nice day!


    WEBMASTER NOTE: check out the wav file yourself here: Squires Castle Ghosts?

  2. I wish there was a way you could get that footage on this sight. Sounds very scary. I am close enough to you – maybe I'll just stop by someday and listen to this "tape" – lol.

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