My First Visit to Squire’s Castle

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Contributed by velvetniteskys

I havent been to Squires Castle often but I won’t forget my very first visit! The inside wasn’t as I expected.
I walked in and saw (briefly) I think what it was supposed to have been-it was furnished, had windows and decorations on the walls and I could hear “bustling” like quick activity that goes on as visitors are expected.
I saw a short bench covered in a deep blue with a candle table next to it with a vase and sunlit streaming thru the side window made a lovely warm welcome-Could feel the warmth in the place and lots of good feelings-sort of like expectations of excitement.
Thing of it was-it was a cold dark, dreary rainy Sept. morning and no one was out and about-not even walking the paths yet. I stood frozen until my friend spoke and it all cleared to what was actually there-nothing. And there was me whipping my head around wondering where it all went – looking rather silly I bet! But I told her stay where she was and went thru the rest of the place by myself-there were bits of impressions but nothing as vivid as that first entry.
I am no psychic – not skeptical of paranormal but no great believer either – too many frauds and too many too quick to believe ANYTHING just for the drama-but I have to believe what I see and experience myself. I believe that was to be a lovely place-or once was! I had heard it was brought from elsewhere-perhaps the things I experienced were from there-or I suddenly stepped into the dream of what it was hoped to be. I had never heard of the place until that day and it was only after talking about my experience to a neighbour that I was told parts of the story about the place.

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