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Contributed by Robert

Here it is. I too am a resident of the area. I have been going to Squires Castle my whole life. nothing is strange about the castle no cold feelings as you enter it. As the relative stated above the wife never lived there or died there. At homecoming for the local high school my freshman year we took pics there. NO ORBS. I am not a skeptic though I do believe in the paranormal, ghosts, the whole bit. I just never experienced anything there. Except a boxing match which we did video tape inside the castle and nothing was caught on tape. This legend is a hoax. But who knows about the Cults in the 60’s and 70’s and the suicides they might be luriking around somewhere.

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One thought on “Just a hoax

  1. You are absolutely correct. I have also gone to Squire's Castle since I was a small child & NEVER experienced anything there. I have probably taken hundreds of photos in and around the castle and never saw one orb. I also believe in the paranormal, I have had several experiences that I could not explain…but never in that castle. It is all a made up story. If you want to know of a real haunted building due to a death in the family, look into Punderson Manor in Newbury, Ohio. That is a truly haunted place.

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