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As a former employee of the Cleveland Metroparks, and the Ranger Department, I would have to say that anyone who believes that the stories of Fergus Squire and his beloved wife are untrue, is just being a little too naive. First off, Mr. Squire made building his castle a passion because he was drawn to that area, if you indeed wander up the hill behind the castle there are remnants of the observation tower from which Mr. Squire used to enjoy the spacious view over the valley area. However the story of his Wife’s tragic death are very exaggerated, she was indeed the city girl and did not die in the basement.
However here’s where the strange parts of this story start, there were indeed, strange people afoot in the 60s and 70s, Biker Gangs, Devil Worshipers, Animal Sacrifices, and there are quite a few suicides in that park every year, probably spawning the paranormal events that occur on occasion. I personally was present a few years back when the maintenance staff reopened the basement prior to refilling it with gravel and concrete, and one of the workers climbed to the top of the turret in order to cut out what turned out to be a small tree growing out of the concrete.
Another little known tidbit is the presence of cult types or “Druids” at the River Grove Reserved area (Just south of the Castle) at the summer and winter solstice. They have the area booked on those two days every year.
Now I’ve been through those woods at night, and even down some of those walking paths that go very far from the roadways, and I have experienced at times cold chills in the middle of summer an broad daylight, I’ve seen lights in the hills behind the castle that were too oblong to be man-made, bottom line, too many unexplained things occur in that park to assume that there is a strong presence there.

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