Stone Cabin / Outhouse and Mentor Rd. bridge

This is where I live! That is the Stone Cabin along with the latrine. It’s all sandstone so I assume it is very old. I tried to take a couple pics of the inside through the window, but guess what? —- they didn’t develop! Wtf?!! Creepy.
I checked the negatives and I can barely make out anything. But to see it in person, you’ll find it is very very very old on the inside and there were coyote tracks everywhere (just adds to the creepiness)… the bridge tunnel is neat too. There are many signs of old foundations and man made rocks – even rock piles set up like in the Blair Witch movie (maybe a marker for the horseback riders??) Now this is all PRIVATE PROPERTY so I know there aren’t people back there everyday just creating the illusion of fabled tales and myths. I am a very logical person and am not here to tell you that this is all the works of the devil… I have even been back to the cabin with no flashlight, all by myself – walked down the stairs beside the cabin leading to the creek and sometimes I think I’m crazy for doing so, but I just have to find “something”. I’ll do more research back there at night when I get my 22 mag. back from my brother – A run-in with those coyote’s would be f&^%%$ scary without some sort of protection. Hell, they even come up to the house now!! So I have been staying put. But if anyone out there knows anything about the history of this little area your info would be greatly appreciated. I strongly believe it may be either ghosts of unrest or just some “thing” evil out there.

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  1. Just found this post. There is a great history that continues in this area. Around 1900, Samuel Livingston Mather founded Mountain Glen Farm. At it's peak, it was nearly 3,000 acres. It still exists today, owned by his heirs. I was lucky enough to have access to the property for a time, and found that there are numerous stone structures including a sugar house and several bridges.
    The stone house you refer to was probably part of the larger farm.

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