here is a picture that was taken of me and what I believe to be an orb on my face. At first I thought it was dust but seems too large and odd to be dust let me know what you think. I know this has to do with the Cleveland area, Although I use to live in the Painesville area when I was a kid. If you have any question you can send me an email or you can reach me on myspace at just put the name Billy in the title and i will get to you thanks. get back to me with what you think it is ASAP thanks again


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7 thoughts on “Orb Pic?

  1. dude, i know that you know that we all know that is simply dust on the lens. tip: alcohol and swab, clean the lens. try again and see what the results are.

  2. i think your exaggerating your distance away from the camera. i set up my camera in my living room and stood three feet away from it…needless to say, you could see the upper portion of my body. judging by the texture of the "orb" it looks more like a speck of dust. honeslty, i don't belive that "orbs" are a true sign of paranormal activity because they can easily be debunked. most of the time they turn out to be nothing more than dust or insects.

  3. I was not that far back i was less than 3 feet from the camera. The camera was was sitting up away from everying and was in the open. thanks for your opnions though.

  4. Def. not anything paranormal and for the size it could be very tiny. It just looks big do it its relativity on the picture. It can be very close to the camera and you are some ways back. Not Impressive.

  5. I've always been somewhat skeptical of orbs as evidence of the paranormal. While they are cool and all, they are too easily explained by other – more rational means.

    That said – -it's very cool that you're getting outside submissions to the site, Chuck. I especially dig that it's all stuff that I know – being local and all.

    Way cool, brother!

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