Squire’s Castle Dinner Party

I just recently stumbled upon the Creepy Cleveland website and started reading the Squires Castle Blogs. I have never posted anything before so here goes. I am 51 yrs old, when I was 19 (that would be 1975) my friends and I spent a lot of time hanging around the Castle. Weekend nights there was sometimes a guitar player, a fire and some smoking going on. People you just met became your friends. One night after midnight a buddy and myself were supposed to meet some people at the castle. Even thought the park was closed we used to park on a side street off river road and walk there. As we approached we saw no signs of anyone. No lights or glow of cigarette. We entered in the main doorway and as we were in the central hall we both heard and saw something that has made me the butt of quite a few jokes ever since. For over 30 yrs now no one really believes me. Sadly my friend was in a car accident soon after and received a severe blow to the head. He is now mentally handicapped and could not possibly verify the story. Well here goes. We were very mildly buzzed and in no way on anything. In the room to the right as we entered was a dinner party. There was a long table with maybe 8 to 10 people eating and laughing. We heard no noise until we entered the castle and then all the sudden there was a boisterous party. We stood what seemed like a long minute and no one looked toward us. We fled very fast. It was after midnight and that was not just some kids. Their dress and ages placed them from 30 to 70 years old. They looked out of place and yet as if they belonged. I have never wavered in this story but even my wife and kids think I am just making it up or I was higher then I let on.

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3 thoughts on “Squire’s Castle Dinner Party

  1. sqiures castle has always amazed me, i have lived in the area all my life and someone always has a strange story to tell.

  2. hmm… i'm slightly confused. you and your friend walked up to the castle and saw a dinner party then? were the people wearing clothes that would suggest they're from another time or was it mostly just like regular looking people at the party?

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