This isn’t really a Haunted Story more of just a creepy one of an abandoned amusement park. This would make for a cool discussion I think. Does anyone know why they never tore the rides down after over 30 years and why they closed down in the first place? There are some good pictures and video here from our Oct 2007 visit. Feel free to copy and post whatever you want I wasn’t really sure if this is something for your site or not so I’ll let you decide.

Chippewa Lake Documentary



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3 thoughts on “Chippewa Lake

  1. I added a placemark on the Creepy Cleveland Map to the approximate location of the park. If anybody goes by there – send in some pics!

    – Chuck

  2. That is so cool!

    I am going to need to go visit this place when I get some free time.

    It's been a few years since I did any urban 9or otherwise) exploration, but it's definitely time to dust off the gear!

    Nothing creepier than an abandoned amusement park!

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