7 thoughts on “Ghost caught on security tape at gas station?

  1. Oh, and this is for you guys to try at home. Shine a remote control at your cell phone camera and you will see flashes of whitish or bluish light. The actual image you get depends on the wavelenght of IR and the CCD camera material. We do this all the time in Robotics class to test if the sensors are on.

  2. Also, remeber that the media will use all forms of "amazing phenominon stories" to get ratings and people to watch it. Yeah…blue beadsheet ghosts. LOL!

  3. Proly some dude playing a joke by shining some form of infrared laser into the camera. That's how you overload a CCD to block its view using a high power laser.

  4. That's obviously a bug on the camera, you can see it's blurry wings flapping and everything… believe me, I wanna be scared, but I'm not that gullible.

  5. If it's a ghost, I'm sure the ghost is angry about the high gas prices he's seen lately.
    They should be lowered immediately as to not incur his wrath, don't you think? =D

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