I was down In hell town Hours ago, And their Moving the house!! I
asked the guy who was doing it and the Guy who originally Owned it
Some way some how. Now It stands 8 feet in the air by wooden Planks!
I started crying a bit.. i remember all the times i went down there
as a child only to have the crap scared outta me by my sister. good
old times….. I even hugged it good bye.

– Jonathan Wise

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3 thoughts on “Witches House

  1. I was there just a few hours ago and they are indeed moving the house. I even took some pictures of the house and surrounding areas and will post them somewhere online soon. The hostile your talking about might be Standford house (or however you spell it) it is occupied, but if you want to see where it is, go to that old gas station down in the valley, kinda near the ski resort if you look across the street you will see 2 roads, Main street (which boston cemetery is on) and Standford. Take Stanford and on the right will be the hostile. If you have any more questions, you can email me at Jaslmil@yahoo.com.

  2. I'm so upset that they are moving the house. the only thing left is the basement. A few of my friends sometimes go out ghost hunting and they have gone to helltown more than a few times. The other night they were going to check out the hostile that is there (I'm not exactly sure where but you have to go down a flight of stairs, then there is an alley type thing then another flight of stairs you go back up) and they came across the house being moved. The checked out the basement and such, but they were really disappointed that the actually house was being taken away. About the hostile though, if you know anything about it or if you have ever been down there could you tell me what it's like? And if you know how to get to the church, could you give me directions? those are the two things that I am really interested in checking out.
    Please e-mail me at Iamdex@aim.com
    or desireelking@hotmail.com

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