I just took my daughter and her friends to the Gore Orphanage “area”.
I’m not exactly sure if we were at the right spot. Do you know the
specific directions of the “site”? We were definitely in the right
area, found an old well. It was night time, around 1am when we
arrived. We got lost in the woods until around 5am. We heard and seen
some strange things, unsure if it was paranormal or animals in the
woods. We were of course scared, lost and paranoid at the time. I
want to go back but back to the site of the orphanage. I just need
directions for after you cross the bridge on the road that has no
outlet. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Gore Orphanage?

  1. when you get to the end of the road its on your right, park and walk about 20 feet and you will see the cement marker, walk in further you will see the foundation

  2. I've been out to Gore Orphanage only a handful of times and every time, someone else drove.

    The closest I've managed to get is the location identified on my Creepy Cleveland Maps which I suppose is where you were able to get to.

    Hopefully we can get a better set of more specific directions soon.

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