Here’s a Story (Lake Erie College)

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Well here is my story. My dad used to work for Lake Erie College as the boiler man. With his job we had full access to the college after hours. We were allowed to visit and use the facilities, like the pool and gym, as long as it wasn’t during normal operating hours.

I must say LEC is a very creepy place at night. I remember going to the pool at night. The pool was in the basement below the gymnasium. The ground floor or first floor also had a room, which I suspect now that it was used for the coach or some office official. Anyway in that room it had a very large painting of an old lady. When you stood in the room and walked around her eyes followed you.

In the gym you could hear footsteps and in the pool you could hear splashing and laughter.

One day my mom and my sister went into a room that was attached off of the gym that was for gym equipment. Anyway they found these steps and went up them. Then they saw a mirror and heard a girl scream. So they ran out. I wouldn’t go in with them. The room was normally locked and we couldn’t access, but whatever this one night we could. Well later that night they got brave and tried to go in there again and well although the door would open it was instead full of basketballs and the like – not like it was a mere hour or so before. My sister was totally freaked out.

I remember all of the stories from the cleaning people and teachers at the college. They would all say how they would hear footsteps in the hallway and knocks at their doors and no one would be there. I have also heard the story about the building with the piano in it. Beautiful piano – but people could hear it playing at night. Supposedly someone has to play better than this ladies son to stop those hauntings.

And then there is the girl who hung herself in the bell tower. But she isn’t a bothersome ghostly type.

Just thought I would share some first and second hand experiences. I am getting creeped out just thinking about them.

– Jasmine

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3 thoughts on “Here’s a Story (Lake Erie College)

  1. I went to Lake Erie college between 2002-06. There was this one time at night I was walking in front of college hall and I looked up at the fourth floor and saw a white figure on the fourth floor pushing the curtains back. I asked the secruity gaurd if someone was up on the fourth floor and he said that he had checked and no one was up there. It was creepy.

  2. im a freshmen at lake erie college and let me tell u they just redid the building. They made it into a gym for the football players and all other athletes. i'm a little nervous to go in there and workout now.

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