from: Chris Smith

By the way, Chuck, I was wondering if you were going to post anything on the Rider’s Inn in Painesville. I know the ghost of “Mistress Suzanne” may not be the creepiest, but she sure is well known. The Inn itself is very interesting. Anyways, just curious. And what about Squire’s Castle? Is there really an access hole to the basement? They say the basement is filled in, but I’ve heard the rumors of a “way” in. I’ve been there a million times and don’t see how there could be. The trails behind the castle are winding and hilly and I’ve seen area’s where people have “partied” or held ritual’s. Probably just some stray teens being bored, but there could be anything below those grounds. Castle’s are known for secret corridor’s and hidden rooms. I know the story and how there was to be a much larger “main” castle to be built behind Squire’s. But it’s still a fun idea to imagine that there is something below the forest floor.

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2 thoughts on “Rider’s Inn / Squire’s Castle

  1. same here, i was wondering on some of the ruins of it as well… there is a bunch of ruins from a small house, very small, like a cottage, bout half a mile back, all thats left is some foundation, and the giant chimney, but down farther is a flooded well… cant find a single thing anywhere about it, anyone have any info on it?

  2. well i do know where the entrance to the basement is and ill repost once i get inside and figure it out..i duno if this is a dead topic or not but im working hard on finding the way in and now im curios about the ritual spots?

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