Here are a few pics we caught while doing our investigation at Woodland Cemetery, now while on our investigations I absolutely do not allow anyone to smoke so what you see is actual mist that we can not explain and if you look closely at the one pic it almost looks like a woman standing there and in the very next pic it looks like she is swooping away.Also our website is up and running it still needs a lil work but it can be checked out… let us know what you think.

Thank You
Tammie Mccourt – Founder of The Shadowseekers

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3 thoughts on “Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland

  1. Interesting photos. In one photo, the orb appears to have a smiling face. Are you sure this was not water drops or dew on the camera lenses? That could create an effect that resembles orbs. Otherwise..the mist and the orbs are creepy!

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