Hi my name is Tammie Mccourt and i am the founder of The Shadow Seekers, we are a small paranormal group based in Brunswick Ohio. We are just wanting to let people know that we exist. We are a small group of friends and family who have at one time in our lives had a paranormal experience that has peeked our curiosity. Me and my sister Me-Lang Clark used to live in a haunted house in Cleveland. It was located on west 58th and Wakefield right behind the Fir Avenue cemetery. I have posted a story on Creepy Cleveland before, and the story behind Fir Avenue cemetery is mine as well. We have experienced some very scary stuff growing up that we did not understand. Today we do local investigations around Ohio, so we can try to find some understanding and some answers.On August 7th we did an investigations at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Ky, yes i know it isnt in Cleveland but let me be the first to tell you this place was well worth the trip. I do have pics of places we investigated on some of our pages, we are relatively a new group so we do not yet have a website but our pics can be viewed on our personal pages.We just wanted to introduce ourselves, and we will be sending in stories of future investigations and submitting some pics. Thank You very much.

Tammie Mccourt – Founder
Me-lang Clark – Co-Founder
Facebook Group…shadowseekers.
Seeking the secrets in the shadows.

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