Canal Visitors Center in Valley View Ohio

A month or so ago, we had my stepson for a few weeks. He is 15, so we tried to find some cool things to keep him entertained and decided to go to a few things that were rumored to be haunted. One of the places we went was the Canal Visitors Center or Hell’s Half Acre in Valley View. We went there around 12:30 or so on a Friday night and just took a bunch of random pictures. Well, one of the pictures, we were trying to get pictures of the inside of the building. The picture that was taken, was taken just out front of the house while standing on the front porch on the outside looking in. Me, being the complete retard that I am, didn’t realize what the flash would do. So basically, you see the camera’s reflection and my lovely finger nails. Then, when you look closer, on the camera lenses, on the lower left part of the lens you see a face. I see a man with a cowboy hat and a bandanna on his face. What do you think? I have zoomed up on it, so you can see the image. I also got a few more pictures with “things” on it, however, no where nearly as obvious as this. The next day, we went into the building, looking for pictures, anything that may have explained this…a possible reflection of something? We weren’t able to find anything. Hmmm…..

Have a good one!

Michael-Anne Cox

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2 thoughts on “Canal Visitors Center in Valley View Ohio

  1. Yes, a weird pic. I don't see a cowboy hat but I do see a face. That building is definitely haunted. My brother was a park ranger there about 15 years ago and he and other rangers would often hear people in other parts of the building when there was only one person on duty in there. He also told us of a lady who came into the visitors center a little disturbed, and she said she and her mother had been walking around inside the Frazee House when she heard a woman's voice say "Get out of my house!" while there appeared to be no one else in the place.

  2. Dude that is really cool. When me and my class went on a field trip last year we stopped at the Canal Visitor Center to use up some time since we finished our field trip early. Well me the teachers and the other students went in. I didn't see anything but I did hear things in the basement and I felt things that I couldn't really explain. Like the feeling of being watched and stuff like that. It was really cool. Nice picture by the way.

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