Ok. This is a new one for this area, and quite different from all stories of similar nature that I’ve been able to find. Has anyone ever encountered a black eyed man in Cleveland? I mean all black. Whites of eyes and all. The man usually wears sunglasses, and hangs out at local West side bars. I met him at the bar I worked at, about a dozen of times, only the last time I seen him was when he finally showed me his eyes!!!! Like all the stories I’ve read on the Internet, every girl that worked there was completely creeped out by him, and uncomfortable. But I wasn’t. It was the opposite. I was drawn to him. He was a very strange man, and we had some out of this world conversations. He wasn’t good looking at all either. Walked hunched and funny, with a cane. But anyway, even still to this day I think about him a lot, and regret not hanging out with him. Wish I could find him. He had this strangeness to him, like he knew something we didn’t. Something big. When I seen his eyes, I have to admit I was in shock. It was very scary. But things we talked about were weird, and it’s like when you figure out the meaning of life, like everything makes sense, for only a moment, then it’s gone! That was how everything was that we talked about. I’m sorry this is long and probably all over the place! But there’s so much I have to this story, and bits and pieces come back as I write this! But please reply if you know of this man! All I seem to find is of black eyed kids, and overwhelming sense of dread when they are around.


Ana C. From Cleveland.

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9 thoughts on “Black Eyed Beings

  1. I have had the misfortune of meeting this bizarre man on at least 3 occasions … upon seeing his coal black eyes, I stepped back in sheer terror!!! His eyes were as black as coal and as piercing as a laser. I would have likened his eyes to that of a giant rat or other rodent. I no longer live on Cleveland's west side, so I don't have much of an opportunity to run across him anymore … THANK GOD!

    I will never forget him, as much as I wish that I could!

  2. I remember about 4 years ago I used to talk to a person through an online forum (that is gone now) that said she had encountered a black eyed man in Cleveland. I don't know specifically where, except it seemed to be a public place, but she did tell me she kept a notebook with writings about various things this man told her over several encounters. She indicated to me she thought he was an "angel" of some sort. I don't believe in angels, but found her tale interesting.

  3. Not to be a downer, but its possible that he had corneal tattooing. look it up in google. i can imagine seeing someone who had it done would be a bit unnerving. I'm skeptical, although a believer in the paranormal, so i always seek out plausible explanations first, but never close my mind. (Codemonkey 😉 )

  4. I encountered a man with those eyes, a few different times in the grocery store I worked in. Except this was on the east side of Cleveland. Has to be a different guy, because he didn't walk with a cane, and appeared to be in his late 40's. I never spoke to him, but I had to catch my breath each time we made eye contact, since I had never seen anyone look like this before. A bit shocking, I must admit. Resembled the eyes of a fly….all black. Kinda makes me wish we had a conversation….. Oh well

  5. Not a man, but one afternoon in 1995, just before three pm, I was getting ready to cross Superior Avenue at Public Square; I was headed for work at the Marriott Key Center. I was looking around, waiting for the light to change, when my field of vision slid across the face of a young woman, about ten feet from me….her eyes were completely black. When I turned back to get a better look, she was gone.

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