The Truth behind Crybaby’s Bridge – Rogue’s Hollow

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here is the”TRUE” story behind the whole crybaby bridge “myth” other than it being”fake” i myself believe it anyway here is the story

it was the winter of 1891 a woman by the name of Mellissa Anne LeBose had a child. a baby girl whose name was Amanda Lynn, born a bastard child to a married man.The man’s name was Thomas Allan Moore.Everyone in the town of Barberton believed the Mellissa was a witch and we all know what problems that can cause.Anyway, Thomas tried to keep the fact of the child a secret, but his wife found out because the doctor that had delivered Amanda was the same doctor for their children and let it slip that Thomas had fathered the child. In a fit of rage the wife started a rumor that ” the witch” had seduced her husband and was making all the towns children sick with an incurable disease ( possibly TB) . There was a lynch mob and a “bounty” set upon her head. The towns people found her walking one night, and decided to have a witchhunt. They chased her through the town and into the woods. She ran for miles and miles, child in hand. The baby was cold and starving and crying loudly. Thomas’ wife had already gone to the bridge and was there when Mellissa came upon her . She told Mellissa to kill the child and she would call off the hunt. This horrified her to no end and she would be killed if she was caught. Amanda was screaming her little head off from being so hungry and cold. Mellissa took one last look at the child and tossed it over the side of the bridge. Thomas” wife was turning to leave when Mellissa placed a curse upon the her and the bridge” when the moon glows and the snow falls , my childs tears shall ring in your ears till your death, and her voice shall echo here for a thousand years to remind them of the pain you caused an innocent child” and with that she jumped in after, dying from hypothermia in the cold river water . The next day they pulled her body from under the bridge where it was caught up in the understructure but the baby’s body was never found…………Thomas’ wife believed in the curse, thinking she heard a baby crying till the day she died in 1926, when she commited suicide . When they found her body in the bedroom she had cut her wrists and written “the baby is crying again! the baby is crying again! in her own blood on the floor ……………………………

now the names may have been changed to protect people but i have written it as it was told to me by my cousin hope you enjoy and i will be in touch again with more “STORIES” from Rouges Hollow……… just make sure that when you go to bed tonight if you have children thank whatever god or goddess you belive in that they are safe and that no harm like this will ever come their way

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  1. This is the true story as told to me back in 80's by some of the Doylestown town folk. Glad to see the real story being told somewhere. Most sites I've gone to either have a brief synapses or just the wrong story altogether. Thanks for the read and the reminder.

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