From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Dave

One story I have that happened to a friend and myself was that we we’re driving on one of the roads in Rogue’s Hollow (forgot the name) and we had the windows down and the car was idling down the road. We turned off the headlights and just left on the parking lights thought that would set the mood. When all of a sudden I heard some children laughing very softly and as I turned to my friend he turned to me and asked if I had heard something and I said yes and I know what I heard what did you hear and he said it sounded like children laughing softly so I stopped the car and shut it off and we sat for about 5 to 10 minutes but nothing more happened. Mind you this is about 11:00 P.M. at night on a Sunday and in the middle of no where the closest house was probably 3/4 to a mile away. We also can across some railroad tracks about a half mile from when we heard the strange noises (children). My friend had told another friend that we went to crybaby bridge (the one in Rogue’s Hollow) and before he said anything else his friend asked if we heard the kids crying by the railroad tracks. Seems that years ago 2 kids running away from home were killed by a train in that area. We have been back several times but seen and heard nothing. Anyone else have any strange things like the kids happen????

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