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OK, creepy Clevelanders…I need your help. I’m looking for some information on a couple of different haunted subjects. If anybody has any information on these topics, please, please let me know…thanks!

1. A haunted house in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. If I remember it right, it’s supposedly off of route 82 somewhere. We had gone out there a few times one summer years ago and every time we got there, there was some reason we couldn’t complete the mission. We got too scared, somebody forgot a flashlight, the police just drove past us…any excuse really. Anyway, I got to wondering the other day and figured ‘Why Wonder?’ I’ve got a direct link to some of the best ghost hunters in Cleveland! So, if you’ve ever heard of such a place, drop me a line and at least let me know I’m not crazy…

2. Any information about a reputed Cleveland area psychic named Mr. C. I guess it would have to be about 40 years ago (late 1960’s) that he told someone I know something kind of spooky, and I’m wondering exactly how much of what he said can be believed. I’m not one to put all my eggs in one basket (metaphysically speaking) and I’m not sure I totally believe in psychic powers – but much like ghosts and other things paranormal – I’d like to think I’m open-minded enough to never say never. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Mr. C has long since passed away – but even a note saying ‘yeah – I remember him!’ would be enough to assure me that I’m not grasping at straws.

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  1. I Happened to see your request regarding Cleveland psychic Mr. 'C'. He certainly did exist, and was quite an interesting fellow; if he was just another charlatan, he nevertheless did seem to have an uncanny knack for giving people advice (assessments?) they found both accurate, insightful and worthy of considering. I have often wondered who he was, his life story, and what his own inner thoughts were.

    In the early 1970's at least Mr. 'C' had a small one-room sparsely-furnished office upstairs in the long-standing multi-use brick building at the southeast corner of Coventry and Mayfield, advertised by a simple white sign with black lettering in the bottom half of his window facing the street. I know because at the time I also had an office there two offices down. When an unreasonably penurious and pernicious new owner bought the building for his Indian restaurant, and abused tenants, we both left. Mr. 'C' was at that time slightly graying, perhaps nearing 50, reasonably trim for his age though clearly unathletic, probably about 5'8". He spoke with a plain midwestern voice, and charged $50 per session, in which he would both volunteer his 'reading' and answer as many questions as there were time for.

    One thing intrigued me that I could never figure out. In order to impress a new client with his psychic abilities, he would have you write something (name? – I don't remember what) on a small piece of paper while he was turned away from you, holding the paper in your lap beneath the table, and fold it multiple times. He would then take the paper from you, put it in an ashtray, burn it, and then tell you what was on it. I took it as a parlor magic trick rather than any indication of mentalist abilities, but could never find out how he did it. There was no pad involved, so no hidden impression possible, and he did it all within a matter of seconds.

    I don't think anyone who went to him that I know of ever knew who he was, or what his last name was, where he lived or if he was married. Surely he is dead by now, and it is rather sad the way these colorful characters, who perhaps were of value and comfort to many, come and go, vanishing from life's stage with barely a rembrance.

  2. I think I know the place you are describing it's near a western wear store called Clippity Clop at the top of a steep hill with a sharp curve. There is the remnants of an old silo and barn. The house sits near the road and is a white two story farmhouse surrounded by fields. It is actually 7642 Riverview Rd (which intersects with 82) close to Brookside Rd. If you enter the following coordinates in google maps you can get a street view


    Growing up we called it Witches Hollow

  3. I believe I know the place you are referring to it's near a western wear store called Clippity Clop. It is at the top of a hill with a sharp turn. There is the remenants of an old silo and the house is a two story white farmhouse located near the road surrounded by a field. When I was growing up it was referred to as Witches Hollow. I'll get the address if you're interested

  4. It might be a few years late, but having grown up in Sagamore Hills, the only house I can think of off 82 that has a haunted history to it is the McKisson House on Gannett Road. It was the site of an infamous murder in the mid-1800s. Of course, the house has been occupied for many decades, so if you're talking an abandoned house then I'm clueless… but intrigued. I get bored with the same old stories over and over, so a new place to look into would be great!

  5. 7642 Riverview Rd. That house is still there. Behind it are new houses. But right on the curve, the west side, at the top of the hill, there was another house. I know because I stopped there with my son in the early '80's. I was interested because I saw a chimney with ruins around it. On closer inspection, there was still a fireplace and remains of the house, possibly burned. I wanted to look around some more although it was weird. But my son who was maybe 5, absolutely insisted that we leave. He was scared. Maybe it was just the unusual setting and his age, but he definately did not want to stay. I've often driven past that spot and wondered. Google maps shows that spot as still a rough patch of land even though the adjacent area is well manicured by the present home owners. ?

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