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Hey. I haven’t written you in a long time. Doubt you remember me, lol. I’m a paranormal investigator.
I got a problem here, lol. I used to have the haunted ohio book, I believe it was the 1st one it was in, but you might know the story. I can’t remember the name of the woods it happened it or area, but i wanted to look into it some more. I know it happened in ohio though:
A man (racoon hunter I believe) went out into these woods in his truck late one night to hunt, with his dogs. He let the dogs out and they ran off into the woods, then he heard them yelping and they came running back and got in the back of the truck, shaking and yelping. He got in, and headed out… big bang hit the passenger side of his truck and he picked up speed and left. When he got home, he discovered deep claw marks in the side of his truck. That sound familiar? I’m stumped, lol. Hope you can help. And keep up the great work on the site.
Shawn Staggs

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