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Just something i thought you might like to add to your site…

i have been to the witches ball.. both during the day, and 2 different times at night, and i have a feeling, since there is no birth/death date no first name, it’s a family monument… there are many people with Stoskopf as their last name, burried in that cemetary. I touched the ball, and it was warm, because of the sun.. just a comment i’d like to add… marble retains heat, so if the sun set and it’s cold outside, it’s still going to be a bit warm. The reason there are no leaves etc. around it, is because there are no trees near by. I haven’t encountered a black flower of any sort…and the ball didn’t glow.. it’s a normal monument for a family during the day, but with all the stories attached to it… it is scary at night..
The only things creepy is that i was the only one up in my house the other night, after i came back, and i kept hearing static of some sort (even though all the appliances were off.. in my basement ) yet the same thing happened in my bedroom.. i was awoken by a not so faint static noise.. and the other thing is that there are no lights surrounding the grave and it looked like eyes on the grave following us as we drove past, and we know it wasn’t out lights, because when we turned off the headlights, there was still a faint light, and i looked back at the ball, the lights should have been red from the tail lights…but they weren’t red they were white… which could not have been possible.. it just felt like the eyes were watching me….

Medina, Ohio

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